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1930 Sharon Blvd, Madera, CA 93637
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4 Stars - 10 Reviews
David Taylor
May 21, 2023
My RV got broken into and I was told that we can do nothing about your breaking so I’m gonna cancel my lease for my RV spot just because I don’t want to keep having issues with my are we getting broken into.
So Many Problems!
Christy alkire
March 31, 2023
Several break ins. The gate is more often than not broken. The communication is terrible. We drove 30 minutes to pick up our trailer, only to find a note that the gate is broken AGAIN and we can not get access to our property outside of office hours. Terrible service.
They stole my side by side that I parked there
November 3, 2022
They stole my side by side from inside my trailer that I parked there about a month ago
Multiple RV break ins and this isn't the first time
Victor R
October 3, 2022
I'm now actively looking to move my RV to a different storage since mine was broken into last night. I've since found out that break ins are a big problem at this facility and they haven't done anything to change that. From what I gathered at least a dozen different RV's were broken into the same night (mine included) and Love's isn't liable for the damage to my RV. Look elsewhere to store your stuff because it doesn't seem like they're going to do anything to rectify the situation.
June 15, 2022
They have had many RVs stored in their facility whose catalytic converters have been stolen. The officer from MPD commented he had been “out there” way too many times and that once again he was recommending they hire security patrol. This business is aware of the problem and does nothing. They wouldn’t even review camera video. At the very least the business should disclose this is a frequent and ongoing problem at their facility.
I would never recommend this facility to anyone,!
April 22, 2022
Within the last 6 months we’ve had 2 incidences of theft. The 1st, someone stole our UTV- an entire off-road vehicle… along with other personal items that were in the glovebox and on the vehicle. The thieves bypassed the ignition system on the UTV, started it, and drove it out of the fence they cut. That was back in October, 2021. The 2nd (April 2022), our catalytic converter (and other parts of our exhaust system) were taken from our motor home. The truth is that the police noted that they’ve been called out to this Loves RV Storage on several reporting of the same type. Something needs to be done to address these serious safety and security issues.
Break in 3/13/22
William hawkins
March 15, 2022
Our camper was broken into. Entrance door and bottom bin doors damaged. Staff was not very helpful. I immediately moved out camper to a safer storage yard. Loves would not refund the remainder for the month (March). Apparently theft and vandalism is a real problem here. Our camper was brand new. Sure would have been nice to be notified by LOVES after the first 3 break ins. Unacceptable customer service from loves. I question if they even have night security. 40 campers were broken into this night.
Security is a big issue
March 6, 2022
This storage facility has been broken into more than once(so far at least 3 times). They have the fence cut in two places that are allowing outsiders to enter. We had our motor home vandalized and they stated they were not liable yet the fence still has not been repaired and it’s been 2 weeks. Their cameras do not work so the police could not get any clear image of what had happened. This is disappointing!! Would not recommend!!
Madera Loves Storage
June 9, 2021
This placed opened in January 2021. Last week everyone storing here got hit with a $10 a month increase. 6 months in and a price hike??? Really ??? Crazy! Plus they painted all the traffic flow arrows backwards! Real tough to back your RV up in its stall. It’s a nice place overall. Real surprised over the price hike. Maybe for new rentals but no... all of us!
Easy access, Covered Pads
Gary Hedman
May 30, 2021
Friendly Staff, Perfect place to store your TT. Solar elect. outlets to charge your batteries on trailer at each pad.
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